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Dear Lesotho chess family.
It is with great honor to announce the date of the annual general meeting(AGM) of Chess Federation of Lesotho.

DATE: 11th February 2017.

TIME: 9am.

I will announce the venue later as I am working on it. however, it will be in Maseru until further notice.Any alteration will be communicated in time before the said meeting.I extend an invitation to all members of Lesotho Chess family to attend our AGM.
The club should be represented by two people,president or chairman and secretary.
A teach and a student in case of high schools and primary schools.
Tertiary clubs should send their representatives like any other club.
I humbly request everybody to preach this massage our club"s members,players in our regions and nearby chess trainers or teachers taking care of chess in such schools.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
NI Moshe
General secretary
Chess Federation of Lesotho

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